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Critique Clinic

I LOVE helping picture book writers and authors (yes that includes new writers too!) at all stages of their journey.  It's a great feeling to help someone on the path to publication.  As a published author I can provide industry focused feedback on your concept, structure, plotting and more.  Check out the feedback below from just a few of the lovely writers I've worked with:



I genuinely loved the service you provided!

I really like the idea of having a rating system for stories.... It makes the process clear and as objective as it can be.

I also really liked the tone of your feedback which was warm and encouraging.

It was great that you looked at the story from several different angles- structure, tone, character etc.


Thank you so much for the critique.  I've found it hugely helpful as it's really tightened up my writing.  


You've made suggestions that are clear and honest and as I've read through the text, complelely makes sense.

It's evident you have an extensive knowledge of writing picture books and have considered every angle  from: title, word count, page turns, refrains and character and story arc.

I particularly liked your ranking system of 1-10.  Seeing where you would place the text really gives the clarity you don't always  get.  


I really enjoyed the process and I think your critiques are really useful!

I especially like the scale and that all of the wording within this is positive and encouraging.

You will get: -Structural and line edits and a story rating

Cost:  £45.00

Don't miss out- you can get in touch via my contacts page.

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